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St Helens Made by Judy Thurtell. The lamp post on the quilt was in the grounds of the old St. Helens Hospital in Pitt Street. The hospital, founded and named by Prime Minister Rt Hon Richard J Seddon, was established to provide quality maternity care to working class women and as a training school for midwives in1906. It was moved to Mt Albert 1966 and closed in 1990. The lamp is currently in front of NW at the Greenlane site.

The Pinnards symbolises the midwifery education given at St. Helens from 1906 to 1979 to 1445 students who qualified as midwives.

Ward 32 Designed by the ward and made by Jayne Clark. The colours of the blankets and hats depict the three types of patients under their care. Low risk women, ADAPT women and women with psychiatric needs.

Duty manager Designed by the NW duty managers. In 2003 these Duty managers were Elizabeth Reid, Barbara Pearson, Moira Thretheway. The Duty Managers were responsible for the day to day running of the hospital including staff allocation, bed allocation and dealing with emergencies

Jumble of words. Words from the past

Ward 33 Post natal ward. Designed and made by Kay Parrish. The flowers are all native NZ plants. The verse is by Katherine Hadley

In House Support – Orderlies Poem by Shane Langkilde. Embroidery by Cindy White

Lactation Consultant by Kay Parrish, showing a mother breast feeding her baby.

EDU- Epsom day Unit Made by Sharon Chow. The blocks symbolise that it is a service for woman, the candle is for hope, the flower for femininity, the sun for the sunshine in our life and the symbol of wisdom

Ward 34 High Risk Ward. Made by Dr Maha Haddad a consultant member of the team of doctors and midwives who gives medical and obstetric care to women and their babies.

The Cross. Made by the chaplins and represents the interdenominational service given by the Chaplains at NW

Community midwives. This block depicts the woman of many different nationalities seen by the community midwives

High risk Obstetrics Medical Clinic. Made by Dr Ruth Hughes a member of the team of physicians and midwives who care for the pregnant women at risk.

Delivery Unit Made by Judy Thurtell.

Recovery / Theatre Made by Wendy Johnson & Tricia Duravich

Social Work Butterfly painted by Sharon Chow. The butterfly was chosen in memory of Anna Weekers, a special member of the social work team.

Fertility Plus Made by Wendy Overwater. This is a reproduction of Fertility Plus artwork on their pamphlet showing sperm fertilising an ovum.

Scanning Made by Christine Sharp

Management designed and made by Lisa Floris and represents the National Women's Hospital at the Green lane site. The figures represent all the various staff groups at NW.

NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Made by Nicky Webster.

Ward 37 Gynaecological Ward. Designed by the staff and made by Judy Thurtell. The uterus and ovaries signify the gynaecological problems seen. The black flowers are the male and female gender of the pohutukawa tree, a symbol of sexual health.

Admitting Made by Rosetta Taulapiu, Dannella Drummond-Hubber, Diana Millanto. This block represents the multicultural faces of the admitting staff. Top face represents Margaret Chiew-long time staff member of Admitting who died in 1999.

Maori health. Made by Kiri Munro - The three baskets of knowledge

Cornwall Suite made by Penny Brown. The Cornwall Suite was open from 1999 to May 2003. It provided paid enhanced postnatal care.

NW- Teaching hospital made by Judy Thurtell

Women’s Health Information Unit Designed by Judi Strid made by Judy Thurtell. This unit opened in 1995. The unit provides information for staff and women. The statue is currently located in front of the old National Women’s on the Greenlane site. It was donated to NW by Cornwall Park Trust in 1963

The Mortuary service. Made by Lois Harrison who was the mortician at NW for 20 years. During her time she introduced the making of babies clothes by staff to dress the deceased babies. She also introduced the opportunity for whanau to see their baby after death which had not been the practice before 1980.

MAU Maternity Assessment unit made by Pauline Rawlings. It depicts a CTG (cardiotoco tracing) of a baby’s heart rate and contractions the mother has in labour.

Physiotherapy Designed by all the staff and made by Vickie Holmes. The hand signifies the hands on treatment given by the physiotherapists and the words are all the caring things the physiotherapists do in their day.

Home visiting midwives Made by Kay Parrish. Depicts a method of weighing babies in a nappy. This service closed in 2004

CBE Child Birth Education. This service closed in 2004

The quilt was put together by Judy Thurtell, Lisa Floris, Lucy Convery and Marjet Pot. Quilted by Donna Ward.



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