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Your Rights

 At National Women’s Health your comfort and care are paramount to us. Your rights as a patient are very important. The website of the Health and Disability Commissioner details your rights. It is available in many languages. Information on the Health and Disability Commissioner Act and the Code of Rights are available. All providers of health services must comply with these rights.

The Health and Disability Commissioner Act was established in response to a strong need for the establishment of a Commissioner as an independent complaints resolution and educational body, and for a Code of patients' rights. Following the health reforms in 1993 the Bill was broadened to cover disability services.

The Code of Rights applies to all providers of health and disability services. The Code sets out 10 rights, including the right to be treated with respect, to be free from discrimination or exploitation, to dignity and independence, to services of an appropriate standard, to give informed consent, and to make a complaint. The complaint mechanisms under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act have become the primary vehicle for dealing with complaints about the quality of health care and disability services in New Zealand.

At National Women’s Health we strive to provide the best possible care, and to treat all patients with dignity and respect. If, however, you feel we have breached your rights in any way, you are entitled to make a complaint to the Health and Disability Commission through their website.

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