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Annual Clinical Report Presentations

ACR Presentations 2018

Session 1: Birth at 23 Weeks

Outcomes for babies born at 23 and 24 weeks gestation:  Dr Mariam Buksh, Clinical Director, Newborn Services

The evidence to inform our practice for the care of the peri-viable fetus: Dr Katie Groom, Consultant, O&G

Session 2: iGen, post-millenials and Women’s Health: Issues and how we are addressing them

The biology of adolescence: Dr Saman Moeed, Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaecologist

Schoolbased health services: Ruth Bijl, Funding and Development Manager

Helping teenagers access contraception: Dr Orna McGinn, GP, University of Auckland

What are the issues for unplanned teen pregnancy?: Dr Gill Gibson, Clinical Director, Epsom Day Gynaecology Service

Sexual health education for the iGeneration: Alex Anderson, Auckland Sexual Health Service

Keeping our teens safe: Dr Leah Andrews, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Starship Consult Liaison Team

The iGeneration: Lizzie Marvelly

Session 3: Neonatology

Pulse oximetry screening update: Dr Elza Cloete, Neonatologist, Newborn Services

Intermittent hypoxaemia in late preterm babies: Dr Jane Alsweiler, Neonatal Paediatrician, Newborn Services

Session 4: Quality Improvement

What do women think about family violence screening in ourhospital?: Kathy Lowe, Intimate Partner violence Intervention Trainer/Coordinator

Advances in management of SGA: how can we do better?: Professor Lesley McCowan, Department of O&G

How well are we detecting andmanaging SGA?: Beatle Treadwell, Midwifery Educator

Sleep on side campaign – developing consumer resources on maternalsleep position: Isis McKay, Consumer and Lesley McCowan

ACR Presentations 2017

Maternity Commentary: Dr Jenny Mc Dougall - Clinical Director Secondary Maternity

Midwifery Commentary: Associate Professor Judith McAra CouperHead of Department; Midwifery AUT, Chair of the New Zealand Midwifery Council, Co-Director - Centre for Midwifery & Women's Health Research

Critique of Neonatal Report: Dr Carl Kuschel Medical Director, Neonatal Services, The Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne

Fertility Plus Critique: Professor Rick Legro Vice Chair of Research, Department of Obstetrician & Gynaecology, Penn State College of Medicine

Inpatient Gynaecology Commentary: Professor Cindy Farquhar Clinical Director, Gynaecology

Gynaecology Oncology Commentary: Dr Lois Eva Service Clinical Director - Regional Gynaecology Services

Postpartum Contraception: 

State of the Art - Dr Meggan Zsemlye, SMO Southland DHB and 

Contraception after Pregnancy - Dr Helen Roberts, Associate Professor, The University of Auckland

Sarah MacDonald - Midwifery presentation on Jadelle insertion

“Don’t Do Something, Just Stand There”: Dr Carl Kuschel

Perspectives on whether NZ should lower the BMI threshold for Fertility treatment:

Background presentation, Dr John Peek, General Manager – Fertility Associates

Obstetric perspective, Professor Lesley McCowan, Professor Rick Legro

Neonatal Perspective and PSANZ Position Statement on Maternal Pre-Pregnancy Obesity, Drs Julie Brown (Senior Research Fellow, UoA) and Chris McKinlay (Neonatologist, Kidz First, MMH and Senior Lecturer, UoA)

ACR Presentations 2016

The Annual Clinical Report conference day was held on the 19th August 2016

A midwifery perspective - Melissa Brown, Women’s Health Midwifery Director

Obstetric Critique - Dr Tony Baird, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

A private obstetrician perspective - Dr Dereck Souter, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Neonatal Presentations

  • Birth at 23 weeks - Dr Malcolm Battin, Service Clinical Director NICU
  • Subgaleal haemorrhage - Dr Astrid Budden, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Dr Kitty Bach, Neonatologist

Critique of Gynaecology - Dr Erika Hunter, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Consumer engagement - Isis McKay and George Parker, Consumer Advisors (no slides)

Facilitating wellbeing after critical incidents - Diana Austin, Midwife

Newborn screening

Research and implications for practice

  • Presentation by Dr Jo Hegarty
  • Presentation by Izzy Eadie
  • Presentation by Professor Lesley McCowan
  • Presentation by Dr Anna Tottman
  • Presentation by Robin Cronin

ACR Presentations 2015

The Annual Clinical Report conference day was held on the 21st August 2015

Maternity: Follow up from 2014 and what’s new. Judy Cottrell  & Dr Denys Court

Maternity Critique - Professor Jane Sandall, Division of Women’s Health, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King’s College London, Women’s Health Academic Centre, St. Thomas' Hospital, London

Protecting our vulnerable populations – Women, Babies, Children - 

Presentation by Professor Innes Asher 

Presentation by Linda Haultain

Neonatal CritiqueDr Andrew Gill, King Edward Hospital, Perth

Preterm Birth Service Dr Katie Groom, University of Auckland

Gynaecology: Follow up from 2014 and what’s new. 

Presentation by Dr Jenny McDougal

Presentation by Dr Lois Eva

Gynaecology Critique Dr Simon Edmonds, Counties Manukau DHB

Maternity Quality: Consumer Perspectives – George Parker and Isis McKay - ADHB MQSP Consumer representatives.

How can the UK inform the growth of primary birthing units in NZ? Professor Jane Sandall

Panel Discussion
- GROWing Pains: The implementation of Customised centiles in NZ -  

Professor Frank Bloomfield

Professor Lesley McCowan

Dr David Perry

Luise Brandt (No slides used)

ACR Presentations 2014

The Annual Clinical Report conference day was held on the 15th August 2014

Closing the audit cycle: Dr Jenny McDougall, Dr Mahesh Harilall & Dr Malcolm Battin

Critique National Women’s Maternity Annual Clinical Report 2012 and the National Women’s vision: Dr Rose Elder - Part 1 and Part 2

Neonatal Presentations:

New approaches to Critique of our Care at National Women's - Dr Sue Fleming

Neonatal Hypoglycaemia - Dr Deborah Harris

Helping families understand the process of perinatal autopsy at national Women's - Dr Kate Bartlett and Dr Kate Strachan

Review of Management of Gestational Diabetes at Waitemata/Auckland - Dr Rose Elder - Part 1 and Part 2

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - Dr Sarah Sharpe

Vaginal prolapse repair using mesh - Dr Adelle Hanna - Prolapse Repair using vaginal mesh - Additional ADHB Information

Review of Colsposcopy at Waitemata/Auckland - Dr Lois Eva

Early Registration with a Lead Maternity Carer - Marjet Pot, Dr Patirica Bolton, Karen Upton

ACR Presentations 2013

The Annual Clinical Report conference day was held on the 2nd August. 

You can view a video of the morning sessions below

National Women's Health - Annual Clinical Report 2013 - Part 1 from National Women's Health Auckland on Vimeo.

Annual Clinical Report Day 2013 - Part 3 from National Women's Health Auckland on Vimeo.

Introduction:Closing the audit cycle: Dr Michelle Wise, Dr Mahesh Harilall & Dr Malcolm Battin

Critique National Women’s Maternity Annual Clinical Report 2012 and the National Women’s vision: Dr Sue Fleming & Maggie O’Brien

Critique National Women’s Neonatal Annual Clinical Report 2012: Professor Brian Darlow

Obstetric Injury and Urogynaecology management at National Women’s: Dr Jackie Smallridge

Bowel Injury in Gynaecology at National Women’s: Dr Laura Miller & Dr Mahesh Harilall

Family violence and routine screening - the impact on Women's Health: Kathy Lowe

Safe sleep and the LMC – Best Practice: Dr Ed Mitchell

Safe sleep and the LMC – Implementation challenges & women’s choice: Debbie McGregor

SGA best practice in 2013 – A case study: Professor Lesley McCowan

How are the NZ 1986 VLBW cohort doing as young adults?: Professor Brian Darlow

Fertility Tourism: Dr Karen Buckingham

Reducing the impact of Neonatal Encephalopathy: Dr Malcolm Battin

Outpatient management of abnormal uterine bleeding: Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon

Contraceptive advances – The role of Jadelle: Namaste Skipper

Enhanced Recovery in Gynaecology at National Women’s: Ines Blaj

ACR Presentations 2012

The following presentations were made at the Annual Clinical Report day August 8th 2012. Click here for the full programme.

Introduction - Are we closing the audit loop at NW - Jenny McDougal

Maternity Critique - Professor Peter van der Weijer

Neonatal Critique - Dr Lindsay Mildenhall

Gynaecologic Oncology and Colposcopy Critique - Dr Peter Sykes

Priorities for Pacific mothers at ADHB - Maggie O’Brien and Mary Matagi

The role of episiotomy  in perineal trauma - Dr Tim Dawson

Multi-disciplinary skills training – Is there evidence for improved maternal and perinatal outcomes? - Dr Martin Sowter

Fertility Tourism - Dr Karen Buckingham

Is there a place for conservative management of CIN2? - Dr Peter Sykes

Healing the psychological stress in the NICU - Dr Gerda Halstead

Tongue Tie 2012 - Dr Simon Rowley

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