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Data Matching for Primary Care

Data Matching and Prioritised Lists

The National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) advises regular data matching of all women aged 20-69 against the information on the NCSP Register because this will show the true volumes and details of women who are due or overdue e.g.

a) women who have never had a smear taken in NZ (and therefore are not on the NCSP Register and therefore do not appear on the due and overdue reports).  If they have never responded to invitations, they may not be on the PMS recall system either.

b) women who have participated in the NCSP and are now overdue, prioritised by clinical history as well as due date. It is important to look at clinical risk as well as overdue status. 

c) women who have had a smear elsewhere.  This provides the opportunity to update the PMS data.  These women will be recalled by their current smear taker and the NCSP. However if they are overdue, their practice will want to ensure they continue to have regular smears.

Step by Step User Guide for PHO's

A step by step guide including a template and 'dummy' list has been created following a Data matching pilot project with The Metro Auckland Cervical Screening Coordination Service and ProCare.

The Datamatch template includes instructions and links to resources and guidelines.

Step by Step User Guide for PHO's

Dummy Dataset

Data match template.xlsx

Change to NCSP Overdue Reports for practices

The National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) electronic data match lists are replacing the previous paper-based reports for due and overdue women.

Practices can now access detailed, accurate and current lists of all their eligible women through their PHO.  Because some lists are large, a brief report can be provided at the top.  The lists can be ordered easily so that practitioners can choose how they prioritise invitation and recall activity.  Below is an example of the new prioritised lists that can be provided for each practice by their PHO.  For the full document click here.

For providers not associated with a PHO, a prioritised list can be provided by the Auckland Regional NCSP Register team.

Tel: 09-630 9943 X: 27827 | Fax: 0800 500 513 | Email:

For further information about getting the most from data match lists Contact Jane Grant.



Data matching has been shown to increase coverage rates significantly. Case studies and examples of impact on coverage rates are shown in the How To Guide. See Section 6: Audit.  

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