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Translated Information

Invitation and Recall Letters:

The following sample letters have been translated by language matched staff thanks to ProCare for sharing these resources.

The letters are designed to be easily copied and pasted into the Practice Management System (PMS) outbox.

Translated invitation/recall letters are available in the following languages:


Simple Translations: "Why Have a Cervical Smear"

Face-to-face communication is the most effective way of providing information.  Written resources are often not so useful.  However,  when English is a second language, or if a translator is used, it is important to provide something that women can take away and revisit.  This one-page resource is available in the following languages:

  • Burmese, Punjabi, Arabic, Spanish  French and the English translation is here.

    It is designed to be easily copied or scanned and printed and can be slipped in to recall letters or given to women when they attend. An Urdu translation has been requested.

     "What Women Need to Know" brochure from the NCSP

    Translations can be ordered from the HealthEd website.  This resource is available in the following languages:

    • Maori
    • Hindi
    • Korean
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Simplified Chinese
    • NZ Sign Language
    Translations into Pacific languages are also available and a Japanese translation is provided as a printable PDF file.
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