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Training Modules

These resources are designed to help health care staff and practitioners encourage women to make an informed decision to take part in cervical screening.

This material takes a health literacy approach to discussing cervical screening.  For us, this means health services and health care workers need to support women to better understand and access cervical health care in a timely way. Health literacy is about us better understanding the needs of women in order to help them better understand unfamiliar procedures and complex health systems in order to feel more in control of their health and lead healthier lives.

In interactions with the women eligible for cervical screening, we are using the Health Quality Safety Commission’s Three Step Model to Health Literacy developed by Workbase. Copies of the Three Step Model can be ordered from the Commission to support your in-house training. 

There is this brief explanation of the model and how Step One can be applied to initial cervical screening discussions.

We have two workshops you can download and use with your practice or team.  Workshop One is for everyone in the practice or team who interacts with women in person, over the phone or in writing.  It will help you identify the opportunities to encourage screening with women and how to do so appropriately and effectively.  Workshop Two is for clinical staff and focuses on having discussions with women to identify and address the concerns women have about screening and how to encourage participation.

For reception staff we have prepared some tips and hints on how to raise the topic of cervical screening in respectful and encouraging ways.  For clinical staff we have prepared some examples of the common questions women have about cervical screening, along with plain language answers you could try or adapt.

If you try any of the workshops or resources and need any help with adapting for your use, you can contact us.  When you have used the resources we would really appreciate hearing your feedback on whether they are helpful and what else you would like – there’s an online feedback form to use.   Contact:  (09) 3074949 ext 27709 or email

See links to resources below:

Workshop One: A Team Approach to Engaging Women (1 hour)

For the Trainer:

Session Plan

Powerpoint Presentation

Online Feedback Form

Participant Handouts:

Example of Practice Coverage Rates to show comparison between priority and other groups (PHO to provide)

Alternative Smear Taking Services: promoting choice as per NCSP Guidelines.  Women may prefer another service.

Capturing ideas to improve Letters and Text messages : an activity for small group work with a worksheet

Tips and Hints for Reception

Common questions and suggestions for responses appropriate in Reception

Planning Template based on points of contact

Plan, Do, Study, Act Template


Workshop Two:  Participation and Informed Consent for Health Practitioners (2 Hours)

For the Trainer:

Video to Start the Session (6 mins).  This shows what can happen if we do not communicate well with women.


Colposcopy Experience from National Women's Health Auckland on Vimeo.

For the Trainer:

Session Plan

Powerpoint Presentation

Online Feedback Form


Participant Handouts:

Order booklets "Three Steps to Better Health Literacy - a guide for health professionals) from the Health Quality and Safety Commission NZ.  Delivery within a few days if ordered by phone. Here is the actual booklet.

One page overview of the Three Step Model with sample questions for Step One

Questions and Answers to Support Informed Consent

NSCP Standard 405 Provision of Information

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