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Day Assessment Unit - DAU

DAU is a specialised unit within the Women’s Assessment Unit (WAU).

  • It is for women who require increased maternal or fetal surveillance or treatment that can be facilitated as an out-patient, outside the usual capacity of team clinics or private obstetric clinics.
  • It is a midwifery led service working in close collaboration with the relevant obstetric team or private obstetrician.
  • All women have an individualised plan written by a consultant in the community clinics, high risk services or by the LMC obstetrician prior to referral to the unit outlining the care required.
  • The exception to this rule is the woman with a breech presentation requiring an ECV when LMC midwives may refer directly to the unit.

The unit is staffed Monday to Friday 0700hrs to 1530hrs and is an appointment only service.

Inpatient admission would be considered only when outpatient services cannot meet the Obstetric or medical needs of the women and 24hr surveillance is required.


Clinical Indications for Referral.

 DAU provides a service for women with the following obstetric indications:

-          GPH 

-          Small for gestational

-          Inter-uterine growth restriction

-          Breech assessment and external cephalic version

-          Cholestasis,

-          Prolonged Premature  rupture of membranes

-          Postdates via  Virtual consult system

-          Other noted post term surveillance requirements

-          Iron Infusion (referrals as per new protocol)

-          Diabetes as an indication for increased surveillance with clear plan of follow

-          Liquor abnormalities

-          Multiple pregnancies

-          Increased monitoring for Previous still births

Referral process

  1. All woman requiring an obstetric review for one of the above  must have a comprehensive referral sent by the LMC to the community clinic at Greenlane (09 6309781) Please ensure women’s details, LMC and contact persons details are included and  correct.
  2. Following this visit the obstetrician will write the management plan prior to making the appointment with DAU. The risk sheet will be updated on Healthware
  3. The referring LMC will be contacted by Phone or by letter
  4. The electronic or written referral from clinic will be faxed or emailed to DAU with a follow-up phone call to make the initial appointment time.

    In emergency only situations a phone consultation may be made to the team of the day and accepted for DAU.


DAU Contact numbers

Ph: 307 4949 ext:25907

Fax: 630 9814 or ext:25908


In the situation of full antenatal clinics urgent reviews will be accommodated in DAU on availability of appointments or referred to WAU as appropriate.

If clinically required during a DAU assessment the referring Doctor or LMC midwife may be contacted by phone.  All visits will have an electronic discharge summary sent after review via Healthware.

DAU Practitioner Leaflet

DAU Patient Information and Appointment Leaflet


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