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Here you will find referrals and information for maternity.

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Induction of labour

Maternal diabetes

The Day Assessment Unit

Pregnancy and Parenting Classes, and

Iron in pregnancy


COVID-19 Screening

Fillable forms

Please note, for PDF files you will an Adobe PDF Reader installed on your computer to fill.

Note – the NHI and patient name details must be completed on the form or the Scan Centre can’t process it

  • o Clinician completes this electronically and save to their PC
  • o Clinician email completed forms to scheduler
  • o Clinician deletes the form from wherever they saved it
  • o Scheduler does follow-up and completes their bit on the form
  • o Scheduler prints completed form and send to the Scan Centre

Scheduler deletes saved form from wherever they saved it



Mental health



Direct dial for LMC to WIC ph: 021627455

External Cephalic Version (ECV)

If you are referring patients to the ECV under spinal service, or require any additional information please see the leaflets and forms below.



Other referrals and information

  • Day Assessment Unit Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    DAU is a specialised unit within the Women's Assessment Unit (WAU) for women who require increased maternal or fetal surveillance or treatment that can be facilitated as an out-patient, outside the usual capacity of team clinics or private obstetric clinics.

  • Induction of labour Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Induction of labour booking forms, and the OBLIGE Induction of Labour study.

  • Iron in pregnancy Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Referrals, pathways and resources for women regarding iron in pregnancy.

  • Maternal Diabetes Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    We offer specialist care for women who have diabetes in pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy and Parenting classes Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    The Women’s Health Directorate at Auckland District Health Board (DHB) provides a new and enhanced programme for publicly funded pregnancy and parenting education. The service is for all women expecting their first baby, their partners and whanau.

  • SUDI prevention Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    For more information about the SUDI prevention programme for Auckland DHB and Pēpi-pod distribution.