Our physiotherapy team assesses and treats women who are in our care on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

How we can help

Our physiotherapy team focuses on rehabilitation and promoting self-management for patients including:

  • Maternity patients
  • Gynaecology patients, including women with complex pelvic pain
  • Oncology lymphoedema patients

Accessing our services

To access this service you will need to be referred. You cannot self-refer. Women may be referred a member of our Auckland DHB team, a specialist, GP (family doctors) or independent midwife.

An on-call and weekend service is available for urgent referrals.

Outpatient maternity referrals for back/pelvic joint pain should ensure that women have watched our online advice video (below) prior to being referred.

Informational videos

Are you experiencing lower back or pelvic pain during pregnancy? Watch our 'Back care during pregnancy'(external link) video.

Do you need information and advice following gynaecological surgery? 'Watch our 'Homeward Bound following gynaecological surgery(external link)' video.