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Fertility Treatment Costs

Couples receiving publicly funded treatment do not need to pay for any consultations or treatments that are covered by our funding arrangements.

However, there are some commonly used treatments that are not funded, including clomiphene treatment.

The following table of charges is mainly provided for:

  • Couples who are not eligible for publicly funded treatment. See Eligibility for publicly funded treatment.
  • Couples who may wish to self-fund their treatment while waiting until they either meet eligibility requirements or reach the top of the waiting list for funded treatment.
  • Couples who have used their allocation of publicly funded treatment, or have had a child through funded treatment, and now wish to have treatment privately at Fertility Plus.

Fertility treatment is personalised to each individual and couple, based on diagnosis and best treatment options. At Fertility Plus, we are mindful of the costs involved in providing fertility treatment, and our fees reflect the importance we place on ensuring our care remain as accessible as possible.  

Check out our pricing booklet here: Fertility Plus Treatment Costs

District Health Board Fertility Benefit: Fertility Plus offers staff working at any of the northern region DHB’s a 10% discount on treatment, excluding medication charges. This is inclusive of ADHB, CMDHB, WDHB, NDHB and also includes St John Ambulance Staff.

Notes about payment:

Payment is required in full prior to completing treatment on the day of egg collection.

Subsequent cycles will not be commenced if there is an outstanding balance.

Prices are in NZ dollars and include GST.

Prices may be subject to change without further notice.

The chance of ovulation or pregnancy depends on many factors; there are no refunds if you do not respond to ovulation induction medication (Letrozole or Clomiphene) or if you do not become pregnant.

Unused medications cannot be refunded once they have been issued to you

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