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The colposcopy outpatient service for the women of central Auckland is provided at Greenlane Clinical Centre. From the same facilities, the Vulva Specialty Clinic provides care for women from Auckland and other parts of New Zealand.

What is colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a magnified visual examination of the cervix, vagina and sometimes the outer lips or vulvar area.

By using a colposcope, which is a special type of microscope, a healthcare professional can check for problems on the cervix and vagina that can’t be seen during a regular exam. If abnormalities are noticed through the colposcope, a tissue sample (biopsy) can be taken to find the cause.

Why would you need a colposcopy?

The most common reason for a colposcopy is an abnormal cervical screening test (smear test). A colposcopy may be also required to investigate unexplained vaginal bleeding, to diagnose bacterial or viral infections, or to diagnose conditions such as genital warts or polyps (non-cancerous growths).


If you need a colposcopy, you will be referred to our clinic by your GP or primary care doctor. The referring doctor will provide relevant smear and swab results with the referral. It is our aim to offer you an appointment as soon as your referral has been triaged and prioritised by our doctors. If you wait longer than six months, you will need to get a repeat smear test before your appointment.


A colposcopy generally takes 10 to 20 minutes. Follow-up is provided by a National Women’s Health gynaecology specialist or referred back to your primary care doctor.

Contact details

Greenlane Clinical Centre

214 Greenlane West, Gate 1, Epsom

(09) 630 9811


The service is free of charge for New Zealand citizens and residents. You will need to bring proof of eligibility prior to your appointment. If you’re not eligible for publicly-funded services, call (09) 638 0420 to find out the cost.

Additional information resource

You can watch a video which will provide some additional information at the >Women's Health website (Please note this video is from an American website but the information is relevant to our patients).

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