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National and Regional Services

National services


  • Management of major maternal cardiac disease for pregnant women from throughout NZ and the Pacific Islands who are likely to require bypass or valve surgery during pregnancy
  • Management of pregnant women with major liver disease.


  • Fetal transfusions for rhesus incompatibility. National Women's Health (NWH) has a relationship in place to obtain irradiated blood from the National Blood service.
  • Management of fetal cardiac anomalies that are ‘duct-dependent’ and require neonatal prostaglandin infusion.
  • Care for mothers and babies under the care of Starship Hospital cardiologists who treat fetal cardiac problems throughout the country and from the Pacific region.
  • Multi-fetal reduction for high-multiple pregnancies following fertility treatment.
  • National service for laser ablation of fetal vessels in twin-twin transfusion (service started 2009). These cases were previously transferred to Brisbane for care.
  • New Zealand Maternal Fetal Medicine Network.  


  • Transfers of mothers and babies from regions outside ADHB when more proximate neonatal intensive care units and maternity facilities are full.
  • National Women’s Health is currently the only training centre for obstetricians training in maternal fetal medicine in New Zealand.

Regional services


  • Pre-existing diabetes in pregnancy services to WDHB
  • Pre-pregnancy counselling for high risk women.
  • Care for pregnant women with HIV infection from CMDHB and WDHB. 
  • Pre-natal testing- Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villi Sampling 


  • Diagnosis and management of major foetal abnormalities. This service is also provided to hospitals in the Mid Central DHB on an ad hoc basis, due to limitations in the service provided from Waikato.
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