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Walk-in Centre

The Walk-in Centre provides free midwifery advice and information. You can make contact by phone or email. You can read more information in the Walk-in Centre Leaflet.


The centre is open Monday to Friday from around 10am-2pm (closed on public holidays). You can leave a phone or email message at any time. Please listen to the Walk-in Centre phone message carefully. Leave your contact details and we will call you back by the following day.

Location and contact details

  • Visit: Maternity Outpatients, Building 4, 6th floor, Greenlane Clinical Centre, Greenlane
  • Address: 

    214 Green Lane West, One Tree Hill, Auckland,1051

  • Phone: (09) 623 6455
  • Freephone: 0800 4BIRTH (0800 424 784)
  • Email:


The Walk-in Centre can provide:

  • Help to find someone to care for you in your pregnancy - Lead Maternity Carer (LMC)
  • Information on Maternity services available in Auckland
  • Early pregnancy advice including screening options, scans (ultrasounds), blood tests, healthy eating and exercise
  • Non-New Zealand residents -  Contact details of someone who can explain the fees/charges

 The Walk-in Centre accepts referrals from other health professionals.

National Women's Health
Phone: 09 307 4949
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