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Antenatal Appointments

Regular checks with your LMC (lead maternity carer) are important for you and your baby. Most appointments take around 30 minutes.

If you’re fit and healthy, your antenatal checks will usually be monthly up to 32 weeks, fortnightly to 36 weeks, and then weekly until the birth of your baby.

If your LMC has any concerns, he/she will increase your visit frequency.

What happens during an antenatal appointment:

  • Your blood pressure is checked
  • Your urine is checked
  • Your weight is checked
  • Your baby’s heartbeat is checked
  • Your LMC will ask you questions and provide advice
  • You can ask questions
  • Depending on your health and the stage of your pregnancy, your LMC may refer you for screening tests.

How to prepare for an appointment:

  • Write down any questions you want to ask
  • Ensure you arrive on time
  • Bring your maternity notes booklet (you should carry this with you at all times).
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