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During the course of your pregnancy, you’ll hear and read lots of unusual words, terms and abbreviations. Here’s a quick guide to what they mean.

Amnio - amniocentesis (testing amniotic fluid used to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities and fetal infections)
A/N - antenatal (before birth)
ARM - artificial rupture of membranes
BF - breastfeeding
BMI - body mass index
BM (BSL) - blood sugar level
BO - bowels open
BP - blood pressure
Cervix - neck of the womb
CTG - cardiotocograph (a technical means of recording the fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions during pregancy).
EBM - expressed breast milk
EDD - estimated date of delivery
FBC - full blood count
Ferritin - iron storage protein
FH - foetal heart
FMF - foetal movements felt
Fundus - height of your uterus
GP - General Practitioner (your local doctor)
Gravida - number of pregnancies
Hypertension – high blood pressure
GTT - glucose tolerance test
IOL - induction of labour
Involution - uterus shrinking back to pre-pregnancy state
Lanugo - downy hair on fetus and newborn
Lochia - blood loss following birth
LMC - lead maternity carer
LMP - last menstrual period
LSCS - lower segment caesarean section
Membranes - lining of the sac baby is in
MSU - midstream urine
Obstetrician – specialised maternity doctor
Palpation - feeling your tummy for how the baby is lying
Parity - number of babies
Perineum - the diamond-shaped area including the vagina and anus
P/N - postnatal (after birth)
PKU – phenylketonuria, a genetic disorder
Preeclampsia – high blood pressure during pregnancy
PU - passed urine
PV – per vagina
SBR - serum bilirubin (blood test for yellow jaundice)
SROM - spontaneous rupture of membranes
Sutures - stitches
Symphysis pubis - the joint at the front of the pelvis kept together by cartilage
Synto - syntocinon (Syntocinon contains a synthetic version of the naturally-occurring hormone oxytocin. It is used to induce labour.)
Trimester – three-month period of time in pregnancy
Urinalysis - testing your urine
USS - ultrasound scan
Uterus - womb
VE - vaginal examination
Vernix - waxy white substance covering babies from 20 weeks to 40 weeks
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