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Diabetes in pregnancy clinic information [PDF, 577 KB]

Gestational Diabetes [PDF, 1.2 MB]

GDM - what to eat [PDF, 1.5 MB]

GDM - what to eat after birth [PDF, 938 KB]

Group B Streptococcous [PDF, 354 KB]

OBLIGE study patient leaflet [PDF, 335 KB]

Pre-eclampsia [PDF, 438 KB]


Breastfeeding Antenatal Support [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Breastfeeding Postnatal Guide [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Breastfeeding - Nipple Shields to support breastfeeding [PDF, 784 KB]

Breastfeeding Support Directory [PDF, 645 KB]

Breastfeeding - Tongue Ties [PDF, 563 KB]

Expressing after birth [PDF, 494 KB]

Expressing colostrum [PDF, 655 KB]

Labour and Birth

Caesarean Section [PDF, 806 KB]

Coping with Labour [PDF, 883 KB]

External Cephalic or Turning babies [PDF, 700 KB]

DAU patient appointment and info leaflet [PDF, 342 KB]

Epidural talk brochure [PDF, 776 KB]

Induction of Labour [PDF, 378 KB]

IUD after delivery [PDF, 882 KB]

Perineal massage leaflet [PDF, 924 KB]

Perineal Trauma with the Three Ps poster [PDF, 8.5 MB]

Preterm premature rupture of membranes [PDF, 447 KB]

Remifentanil PCA- Pain Relief for labour [, 234 KB]

Small for gestational age babies - information for parents [PDF, 867 KB]

Term pre-labour rupture of membranes [PDF, 799 KB]

Things to bring to hospital [PDF, 310 KB]

Vitamin K for newborn babies [PDF, 870 KB]


Anterior & Posterior Repair [PDF, 755 KB]

Bartholins Abcess - Word catheter [PDF, 724 KB]

Catheter - Managing your Suprapubic Catheter at home [PDF, 564 KB]

Catheter - Managing your suprapubic catheter at home [PDF, 564 KB]

Cold cabbage leaves for drying up milk supply [PDF, 35 KB]

Cold Knife Cone Biopsy [PDF, 972 KB]

Fibroids [PDF, 812 KB] [PDF, 812 KB]

Fibroid embolisation [PDF, 368 KB]

Heavy bleeding and periods inbetween [PDF, 169 KB]

Hysteroscopy [PDF, 718 KB]

Laparoscopy [PDF, 765 KB]

Lichen Sclerosis [PDF, 308 KB]

Lletz treatment of the Cervix [PDF, 351 KB]

Managing your miscarriage - options for your care [PDF, 568 KB]

Miscarriage - evacuation of the uterus following a miscarriage [PDF, 367 KB]

Ovarian Cysts [PDF, 686 KB]

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome [PDF, 123 KB]

Take home advice following gynaecological surgery [PDF, 336 KB]

Vulva Biopsy [PDF, 312 KB]

Vulval Surgery [PDF, 521 KB]