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Surgical options

See the sections below for more on the surgical options that are available for women who have endometriosis or tubal disease, or men who would like to reverse previous sterilisation procedures.

Surgical options


Removing mild or moderately severe endometriosis may increase the chances of natural conception in the months after surgery. For women with more extensive endometriosis, surgery may be needed to remove ovarian endometriosis.

Tubal disease

Tubal surgery is usually only recommended for women with relatively mild disease. Most women with fallopian tubes that have been severely damaged or blocked by infection will be advised to have IVF treatment.

Sterilisation reversal (for men)

Fertility PLUS offers sterilisation reversal (for men) and public funding is available for some eligible couples. This may be a more effective option than IVF for some women.  The chances of sterilisation reversal being successful depend on the type of sterilisation procedure; a woman's age; and the presence of any additional problems in either partner affecting fertility.