Visiting National Women's Health

We currently have visitor restrictions in place.

  • No tamariki, including siblings, under 14 years are allowed to visit.

There’s an increased amount of sickness among tamariki in our community, with a high rate of respiratory (breathing-related) viruses.

To help prevent the spread of infection within our hospital, we are restricting the number of tamariki and whānau visiting Women's Health. This includes Maternity and Gynaecology wards and outpatient clinics at Auckland City Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre.

Exceptions to the visitor restrictions policy on compassionate grounds will be at the discretion of the clinical team. Please talk to the nurse or midwife in charge.

Remember, if anyone needs urgent medical treatment, do not delay seeking help. If it is an emergency call 111 immediately or go to your nearest emergency department.

If you have any questions, talk to your healthcare team.

Across our sites

It's really important that visitors keep well while in the hospital. 

  • please do not visit if you are sick
  • you may choose to wear a face-covering while in shared spaces in the ward. Ask your nurse or midwife for a mask if you don't have one
  • please sanitise your hands when entering or leaving rooms
  • If you develop cold or flu symptoms while you are staying in hospital, let your nurse know.

Vaccination in pregnancy

Following the Ministry of Health announcement, we encourage anyone who is pregnant to get a COVID-19 vaccine as part of Group 3 at any stage of your pregnancy. This is because people who are pregnant can become very sick if they get COVID-19 infection.

Is it safe for me and my baby?

Evidence from the large number of pregnant people who have already been vaccinated globally, indicates that there are no safety concerns with administering COVID-19 vaccines at any stage of pregnancy.

Vaccinating during pregnancy may also be helpful for the baby, as there is evidence of antibody transfer in cord blood and breast milk, which may offer protection to infants through passive immunity.

If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with your healthcare professional.


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