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Patient & Visitor Information

Welcome to National Women's Health at Auckland City Hospital

Nau Mai Haere mai ki te Hohipere mo nga wahine me nga pepi o Tamaki Makau Rau

National Women’s Health services are provided on Level 9 and Level 10 of Auckland City Hospital, which is on Park Road in Grafton and at the Greenlane Clinical Centre at Greenlane. Here’s a quick guide to essential information about the hospital.

Getting to National Women’s Health

National Women’s Health services are provided on Level 9 and Level 10 of Auckland City Hospital and at the Greenlane Clinical Centre at Greenlane. Elevators to Auckland City Hospital are located inside the main entrance of the hospital.

If you are in labour you will need to go to the Labour and Birthing Suite on Level 9. There is drop off parking at the entrance to the hospital. Your driver can temporarily leave the car to escort you. It’s a good idea to leave a note on the car dashboard with your name and contact number, and let a security guard know that the car will be moved shortly. When you arrive at the Labour and Birthing Suite, your driver can move the car to the visitor carpark building.

Take a virtual tour of the Labour and Birthing Suite. This tour includes how to get there.

What to bring to hospital

Bring comfortable day clothes, nightwear, footwear and toiletries. Storage space is limited, so don’t pack too much. You can also bring your own pillow and cup. Please make arrangements with a family member or friend to wash your personal clothes, because the laundry service is only for hospital property. It’s a good idea to name everything you bring.You may like to look at our information leaflet by clicking here


If you’re using any kind of prescribed medication (tablets, ointment, patches, pre-filled syringes, suppositories, sprays, powders, liquid or drops), please bring it with you.

X-rays and scans

If you have x-rays or scans that are related to why you’re being admitted to hospital, please bring them with you.


The hospital pharmacy is located on Level 5 near the enquiries desk. It’s open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Before you leave the hospital, check with the doctor who’s been in charge of your care to see whether any medicines you were taking in hospital should be continued.

Cash and valuables

We recommend that you don’t bring valuables (including valuable items of clothing) into the hospital. The hospital does not accept responsibility for cash, jewellery, watches or other valuables unless they are handed over to your nurse or midwife for safe keeping (a receipt will issued).

Meals and nutrition services

Once you’ve been admitted to hospital, you will receive a menu form so that you can make meal choices for the next day. If you need to eat on your first day, appropriate choices will be made for you. Menu forms are collected daily by Nutrition Services staff. Let us know if you are on a special diet or if you would like to talk to a dietician.

Meal times are:

  • Breakfast….7.30am - 8.30am
  • Lunch….....12.30pm - 1.15pm
  • Dinner....….5.15pm - 6.15pm


All staff you meet at the hospital will introduce themselves and be wearing identification badges that show their name and role. An identification bracelet will be attached around your wrist on admission. This bracelet helps our staff to ensure that everyone receives the correct tests and treatment. You need to keep your identification bracelet on until you are discharged from hospital. Babies are identified with two identification labels.


Visiting hours vary for each part of the hospital. For visits outside the times specified below, visitors must make arrangements with the nurse/midwife in charge of the ward.

Out of consideration for other patients, who may be resting, noise should be kept to a minimum during visits. Videos and cameras for personal use are welcome. All visitors are expected to respect the privacy of other patients and staff.

Type of visitor

Visiting hours

Your main support person
Between 7am and 8.30pm
Parents of babies in the intensive or special care baby units
Welcome at all times
General visitors for gynaecology patients in Ward 97
11am to 8pm
General visitors for maternity patients in Wards 96 & 98 & Tamaki
1pm to 8pm
Support people for women in labour in Ward 91
Welcome at all times

Refreshments for visitors

There are snack vending machines on most levels. For light meals and refreshments, Level 5 has several food outlets and a convenience store – these are open seven days a week.

Public transport

A bus stop is located next to the main entrance of Auckland City Hospital. The Link Bus and 283 bus (known as the ‘Hospitals Bus’) stop here. The 283 begins its route at Downtown, then travels to Auckland City Hospital, Mercy Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre.
The hospital is a short walk (10 minutes) from Newmarket West and Grafton train stations (Boston Road). Plan your journey by clicking here


When you are in labour and need to be dropped off at the hospital, there is drop off parking at the entrance to the hospital at Level 4. The driver can temporarily leave the car and escort you to the Labour and Birthing Suite, but then must return to the car and find parking elsewhere. It’s a good idea to leave a note on the car dashboard or let a security guard know that the car will be moved shortly. Please leave a contact name and mobile number on this note should we  need to get in touch with you.

For all visitors and patients there is a carpark building on the Auckland City Hospital site. The carpark charges are shown below. A limited amount of short term free parking is available in the Auckland Domain and there is Pay and Display parking in the streets around the hospital.


Auckland City Hospital

0 - 15 minutes Free
15 min - 30 min $3.00
30 min - 1hour
1 - 2 hours $6.00
2 - 3 hours $8.00
3 - 4 hours $9.00
4 - 5 hours $10.00
5 - 6 hours $12.00
6 - 7 hours $15.00
7 - 8 hours $18.00
Lost Ticket $20.00


Our staff will explain treatments, procedures and their likely effects before any procedure is carried out. If you’re unclear about anything, please ask for additional information or clarification. For procedures (e.g. operations, the administration of anaesthetics and certain diagnostic procedures) specific consent in writing is usually required. Information about the rights of patients is available throughout the hospital in a range of languages.

Smoking and alcohol

Auckland City Hospital is entirely smoke free. Smoking is only permitted outside the hospital grounds. Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances must not be brought into the hospital buildings or grounds.

Mail and newspapers

Mail for patients is delivered to the wards on weekdays. Stamps and newspapers can be purchased at the PostShop on Level 5.


Coin and card operated telephones are available. Some wards also have free phones in family/whanau rooms.

The use of mobile phones is restricted in some areas of the hospital, because calls could interfere with electrical and monitoring equipment (e.g. cardiac monitors). Please check with staff before making a mobile phone call. It is always safe to make mobile calls from family rooms and the atrium area of Level 9.


There is an ATM (automatic teller machine) located behind the PostShop on Level 5. This machine accepts most banking access cards and credit cards.

Overnight accommodation

Te Whare Awhina is the accommodation service located on the Auckland City Hospital site. If your whanau/support person needs overnight accommodation, a referral needs to be made by your Kaiatawhai/social worker or nurse. There are limited beds available, so accommodation preference is given to whanau/family members who have travelled to Auckland from other regions. There is a fee for this service.

Another option is Domain Lodge, which is in Boyle Crescent just across the road from the gates to the Auckland Domain.  Visit their website for contact details and charges.


National Women's Health staff are able to arrange interpreting services for patients who do not speak English as their first language. Arrangements can be made through the nurse or midwife in charge of the ward or unit. Alternatively, patients may choose to bring their own interpreter.

Health and Disability Advocates

The Health and Disability Advocacy service is run by the Health Advocates Trust. This service, which is independent of National Women’s Health, helps to ensure your rights are respected. Visit Health and Disabilty Advocacy for more details. This service is free. Phone 0800 555-050 Mon-Fri 8.30am– 5pm or call the trust’s head office on (09) 623-5799 or email


National Women's Health physiotherapists are available to assess and treat muscle and joint problems related to pregnancy. They can also advise on continence therapy and post-surgery mobilisation. Check out the Backcare in pregnancy video

Social workers

Social workers are available to help you with family and personal problems. They provide information and counselling services and can liaise with other government and community services on your behalf.

Lactation Consultants

National Women’s Health has achieved WHO Baby Friendly status, which means we protect, promote and support exclusive breastfeeding from birth. You may be referred to a Lactation Consultant if you need additonal help with breastfeeding. 

Chapel and chaplains

The chaplaincy service is available to you and your family. Chaplains can be contacted at any time day or night. Regular church services are held in the Hospital Chapel on Level 6 and the chapel is open at all times.

Health information

The National Women's Health Information Unit provides a comprehensive range of health fact sheets and information brochures – all free of charge. Look for the brochure stands in the atrium area of Level 9. Phone 3074949 extn 25678 or email


Auckland City Hospital has an active 24 hour security service. If you notice anything suspicious or have a concern about security, please notify the ward staff or security officers immediately.

The hospital and wards are locked down each night at 8pm and security guards are stationed at the hospital’s main entrance. After hours, entry and exit to the hospital is by the main entrance only.

Medical records / Health records

Current and former patients are entitled to access their clinical records.

How to get your records:

  • You can request a copy of your clinical records, or any part of them, by writing to: External Requests, Grafton Clinical Records, PO BOX 92024, Auckland 1142
  • You can fax your request to (09) 307 8920
  • You can call between 7.30am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday - (09) 307 4949 extn 7264, 7234, 6866, 5321

What you will need to provide:

  • Your current contact address and telephone number
  • Your full name and date of birth. If you have ever had a name change, please include all the names you have used in the past, so we can have a better chance to locate your old record
  • Please specify which information from the clinical records you want to receive. If you are not sure what information is required, please explain what the information will be used for, if you feel this is appropriate, and we will copy the relevant notes. Alternatively, you may choose to come in person and view your record first
  • Sign your request and attach a copy of any personal identification document that has both your name and your signature, e.g. your drivers licence or your passport

Once your request has been received, a copy of the records is usually sent within 20 working days. This service is free.

Information from clinical records may be used for medical audit or review purposes. Information obtained for these purposes is not used in an identifying form.

Email enquiries to:

Hospital fees

Maternity care is provided free of charge by midwives, GPs and hospitals in New Zealand if:

  • You are a New Zealand resident or citizen
  • You are an Australian resident or citizen who has lived, or is intending to live, in New Zealand for a minimum of two years
  • Your baby’s father is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident (or an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is living in New Zealand and intends to stay for two years or longer)
  • Women not born in New Zealand need to present their passport on their first visit to their lead maternity carer (LMC) and hospital for verification. Non-residents will be required to pay for their healthcare.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify for free healthcare, contact the Finance Department on (09) 638 0420 or visit the Ministry of Health website.

Teaching and Research

Research projects are carried out at National Women's Health with the aim of improving knowledge and care provided to women and babies. National Women's Health is also a teaching hospital for midwifery and medical students. Women receiving care may be asked to consider participation in a research project and/or have a student involved in their care.


To help improve our service, National Women's Health staff welcome suggestions, comments and concerns. You are encouraged to speak to the ward manager in the first instance. Additional information on feedback and complaints can be found on the Auckland District Health Board website

Written feedback can be sent to:

Auckland DHB Consumer Liaison Team email: If you are unable to email, you can write to them at: 

Consumer Liaison Team
Auckland District Health Board
Private Bag 92024Auckland 1142



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