Te Whakawhānautanga | Maternity Care


If you are concerned, take a look at this Question and Answer page, or call your midwife or doctor.

We will still have visitor restrictions, and it is important that we take every step possible to make sure you and your whānau are safe.

Visitors will be screened at the door and will be asked to display a sticker that  confirms they are able to visit their whānau. They will also be given information and reminders about hand hygiene and physical distancing.  A log will be maintained of all visitors into our facilities. 

WAU (Women's Assessment Unit)

  • If you attend WAU for assessment or Induction of Labour, a partner or support person can remain with you for the duration of your assessment or induction.

Walk In Centre

Our Walk in Centre staff continue to  work hard to provide you with the care that you need, but we will be delivering care in a different way in the light of Covid-19.

  • You will be contacted about your appointment, and we will be doing consultations via phone or Zoom whenever this is appropriate.
  • If you have an outpatient appointment, you can bring one support person with you if required.
  • Please do not come to the walk in centre without an appointment.
  • Please let our staff know if you are unwell prior to your arrival. Be reassured that you will still receive the care that you need, but telling us allows our staff to prepare with the appropriate protection.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Labour and Birthing Suite and Postnatal Wards

  • You can have two people as your nominated support people in labour.
  • If you are staying on the ward, you may have one person stay overnight.
  • Visiting hours will be between 7.00am and 8.00pm and one visitor can remain for this entire time period in a postnatal ward, if required.
  • Labouring mothers can have a birthing partner with them throughout delivery and a nominated visitor as above, during their postnatal stay.
  • If COVID-19 is suspected then your visitors will need to be in protective wear and the overnight support would be allowed in consultation with the midwife in Charge.
  • Additional visitors and extended visit times may be permitted on compassionate grounds, at the discretion of the nurse or midwife in charge or clinical nurse or midwifery managers.
  • Please not bring other visitors or support people at any time, including children under the age of 16 (unless discussed with and approved by the midwife in charge of the area).

There may be a small number of other cases at the discretion of the Charge Nurse or Clinical Nurse Managers. Please contact the Labour and Birthing Suite on 09 307 2888 if you have any questions or concerns.



National Women's Health provides comprehensive maternity care for women and babies during pregnancy and after birth. More than 6,500 babies are born here each year. Our newborn service, which is the largest newborn unit in Australasia, provides care for nearly 1600 babies a year that are born prematurely or require extra care. 

For a comprehensive list of contact numbers at National Women's, see our Healthpoint page.