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National Women’s Health provides services for general gynaecology and gynaecology oncology (cancer) for women in central Auckland. Our services are also available to out-of-district women, if the help they need is not available from their local DHB.

Our friendly, highly-qualified people focus on providing quality care and treatment to women with many different cultural backgrounds. Our team’s special interest in female wellness ensures they stay up-to-date with new directions in the promotion and delivery of women’s health services.

Accessing Our Services

To access our specialist services and clinics you will need a referral from your GP. Your GP plays an important part in the continuity of your health care, and can determine when a referral needs to made for further assessment of your condition or if the signs and symptoms are not easily managed in the primary care setting. You cannot self refer.

Receiving an Appointment

Once a referral is made, it is then assessed by a Senior Medical Officer at the hospital who specialises in gynaecology. Most referrals are triaged within a week. 

Your referral may be declined and your GP will discuss this with you.

If the referral is accepted, then you will be placed on the waiting list and prioritised accordingly. You will receive notification that you have been waitlisted. A response will be sent to your GP if there is further information or tests required.

It is our aim to send you an appointment within 4 months. If you have not had an appointment within 6 months, please see your GP again for assessment until the appointment is sent to you.

Cancelling/Rescheduling an appointment

If you have been send an appointment and are unable to attend, please call the number listed on your letter to have your appointment rescheduled.

If you no longer require an appointment, or have sought assessment privately, please let us know so you can be taken off the clinic waiting list and another woman can have the appointment.

Please call: (09) 307 4949 extension 27231

General gynaecology

General gynaecology relates to menstrual disorders, endometriosis and pelvic pain, hormone replacement therapy, contraceptive and sterilisation advice, and early pregnancy difficulties. read more »

To access our specialist services and clinics you will need a referral from your GP. Your GP plays an important part in the continuity of your health care.


Urogynaecology deals with diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, which can result in bladder problems, urinary and faecal incontinence, and genital prolapse. read more »


If you have an abnormal smear test, you may require a colposcopy, which involves examining affected areas with a special microscope. read more »

Gynaecology oncology

National Women’s provides expert gynaecology oncology services for cervical, vulval, ovarian and uterine cancer. read more »

Breast services

Breast services at National Women’s include treatment for medical breast problems; lactation-related problems, such as mastitis; and surgery for breast cancer.

Pregnancy termination

The Epsom Day Unit provides a safe, legal and women-centred abortion service to women of the Auckland region - from Mercer in the south to Warkworth in the north. read more »

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