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Annual Clinical Report Day presentations

Please email if you would like to access the presentations from years prior to 2018.



2023 Agenda


Session 1: Mātai Āhuatanga Gynaecology

Exciting changes in cervical screening: HPV screening in Aotearoa - Dr Deralie Flower

Commentary on 2022 gynaecology oncology report - Dr Bryony Simcock (Clinical Director Gynaecology Oncology Te Waipounamu)

Acute Gynae Nurse Specialist - Leanne Wilson

Session 2: Hapūtanga Maternity

Comparisons. Good and bad, first impressions - Kerrie Hides

Carosika Collaborative, national preterm birth initiative - Dr Lisa Dawes, Professor Katie Groom, consumer Tina Allen-Mokaraka

Te Whitinga Ora Pepi - Rebecca Clark (Charge Midwife Ward 96, 98, Whitinga ora pēpi), Dr Mariam Buksh (Clinical Director Newborn Services)

Findings from HRC project initiation grant - Jeff Foote (Senior Lecturer University of Otago)


Session 3: Ratonga Piripoho Neonatal paediatrics

Highlights of 2022 neonatal report - Dr Mariam Buksh (Clinical Director Newborn Services)
Commentary on 2022 neonatal report - Dr Jutta van den Boom (Head of Department Newborn Services Waikato)


Session 4a: Planned and ongoing studies

Introduction to the Women’s and Newborn Health Research Governance Group - Dr Jane Alsweiler

PLATIPUS studies - Katie Groom, Lisa Dawes, Ahalya Sathiyaselvan

Baby’s SOS - Mhoyra Fraser

BEAD - Jordon Wimsett

Endometriosis Research Consortium - Hadassah Patchigalla

Latte - Jane Alsweiler

Steroid trials (C*Steroid, ALMA, PRECeDe) - Caitlin Woods, Mariana Muelbert, Hannah Kasper

PROTECT Me Trial - Rebecca Hay

The AVIatioN Study - Anja Bronnert

Successful breastmilk feeding in NICU - Lilia Delgado Paramo


Session 4b: Completed studies

Little Eye Drop - Jane Alsweiler
FIT - Esther Calje
Melody: Nirsevimab for prevention of RSV - Jane Alsweiler
Psychotropic medications in pregnancy - Cara Greentree


Session 1: Mātai Āhuatanga Wahine Gynaecology

Oncology Highlights 2021- Dr Lois Eva 

General Gynaecology Surgery - Prof Cindy Farquhar 

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - Dr Elizabeth Glanville

Cervical self-screening - Dr Karen Bartholomew 


Session 2: Hapūtanga Maternity

Maternity Highlights 2021 - Dr Jenny McDougall

Te Manawa O Hine: Equity of Outcomes for Māori women  - Deb Pittam

When is Baby too small? - Dr Audrey Long

Postnatal contraception survey findings - Dr Helen Roberts


Session 3: Ratonga Piripoho Neonatal paediatrics

Neonatal Highlights 2021 - Dr Mariam Buksh

Feeding the moderate-late preterm baby: DIAMOND Trial - Dr Tanith Alexander

Latte Dosage Trial - Liz Oliphant 


Session 4: Findings from local research

Hypoglycaemia screening and prevention - Dr Jane Alsweiler 

Findings of the OBLIGE trial - Dr Michelle Wise 

Findings from the PICS Project - Dr Helen Winrow

Cost of maternity care in NZ - Dr Karyn Anderson

Accuracy of ultrasound scanning at estimating neonatal weight - Dr Noor Ridha

Women's perceptions of fetal movements - Dr Robin Cronin & Dr Billie Bradford


Session 1: Mātai Āhuatanga Wahine Gynaecology

Oncology: endometrial cancer highlights - Dr Lois Eva, Service Director Regional Gynaecology (presentation slides)

Urogynaecology at ADHB - Dr Carolyn Bilborough (presentation slides)

Adolescent gynaecology at ADHB - Dr Saman Moeed (presentation slides)

Impact of law change on abortion services - Dr Gill Gibson, Clinical Director Secondary Gynaecology (presentation slides)


Session 2: Hapūtanga Maternity

Highlights of 2020 maternity report - Dr Jenny McDougall, Clinical Director Secondary Maternity & Deb Pittam, Director of Midwifery (presentation slides)

Critique of maternity report - Dr Per Kempe, Medical Lead for Women's Health MidCentral DHB (presentation slides)


Session 3: Ratonga Piripoho Neonatal paediatrics

Highlights of 2020 neonatal report - Dr Mariam Buksh, Clinical Director Newborn Services (presentation slides)

Critique of newborn report - Dr Helen Miller, Wellington NICU (presentation slides)


Session 4a: Ratonga Piripoho Neonatal paediatrics

Management and outcomes of 23 week babies at C&CDHB - Dr Helen Miller (presentation slides)

NWH experience of 23 week babies in NICU - Dr Mariam Buksh (presentation slides)

Audit of chronic lung disease at NWH - Dr David Knight (presentation slides)

Session 4b: Induction and labour practice

What is the evidence for strategies to reduce Caesarean sections? - Prof Michelle Wise

Strategies implemented to reduce the CS rate at Midlands DHB - Dr Per Kempe (presentation slides)

Strategies implemented to reduce CS rate in Cantebury DHB - Laura Aileone and Sonya Matthews (presentation slides)

Panel discussion


These session were recorded on Zoom. Click the links below for the video recordings and presentation slides.


Session 1

Third party reproduction - Dr Elizabeth Glanville (presentation slides)

Laparoscopic surgery - Dr Michael Wynn-Williams (presentation slides)

Antenatal BMI - Dr Astrid Budden (presentation slides)


Session 2

Equity in maternity care - Deb Pittam and Nicole Pihema (presentation slides)

Induction of Labour - Dr Jenny McDougall (presentation slides)

Assisted vaginal birth outcomes-  Dr Meghan Hill (presentation slides)


Session 3

Infections in the NICU - Dr Mariam Buksh, Dr Jodi Simich (presentation slides)

Term NICU admission - Dr David Knight (presentation slides)

Improving outcomes of ELBW infants - Dr Rosin Ho/Dr Michelle McHale (presentation slides)

Cancer outcomes - what do we know? - Dr Lois Eva


2019 Annual Clinical Report Day programme.


Session 1: Maternity

Maternity commentary: Dr Jason Waugh, Tertiary Maternity

Midwifery commentary: Deborah Pittam, Director of Midwifery


Session 2: Neonatal

Critique of Neonatal Report: Associate Professor Nicola Austin, Clinical Director of Neonatology, CDHB


Session 3: Gynaecology

Gynaecology Oncology critique: Dr Patrick Keating, Gynaecology oncologist, Wellington Regional Hospital

Inpatient gynaecology commentary: Dr Rob Sherwin, Director Women's Health

Completed Research at ADHB

Associations between symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing and maternal sleep patterns with late stillbirth: Robin Cronin


Session 4: Neonatal Session

The short and long term outcome of pregnancies presenting to NWH at <26 weeks gestation over the last 24 years: Dr David Knight, Neonatologist NICU, ADHB

Adherence to the neonatal hypoglycaemia guideline: Dr Jane Alsweiler, Neonatologist NICU, ADHB

NZ Consensus Statement on the Care of Mother and Baby(ies) at periviable gestations: Dr Malcolm Battin, Neonatologist NICU, ADHB

The neonatal review: drivers and resource: Associate Professor Nicola Austin

Current research at ADHB

The psychological wellbeing of women at high risk of spontaneous preterm birth: Dr Lisa Dawes

The ECOBABe study: early colonisation with bacteria after birth: Dr Celia Grigg


Session 1: Birth at 23 Weeks

Outcomes for babies born at 23 and 24 weeks gestation: Dr Mariam Buksh, Clinical Director, Newborn Services

The evidence to inform our practice for the care of the peri-viable fetus: Dr Katie Groom, Consultant, O&G


Session 2: iGen, post-millenials and Women’s Health: Issues and how we are addressing them

The biology of adolescence: Dr Saman Moeed, Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaecologist

School based health services: Ruth Bijl, Funding and Development Manager

Helping teenagers access contraception: Dr Orna McGinn, GP, University of Auckland

What are the issues for unplanned teen pregnancy?: Dr Gill Gibson, Clinical Director, Epsom Day Gynaecology Service

Sexual health education for the iGeneration: Alex Anderson, Auckland Sexual Health Service

Keeping our teens safe: Dr Leah Andrews, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Starship Consult Liaison Team

The iGeneration: Lizzie Marvelly


Session 3: Neonatology

Pulse oximetry screening update: Dr Elza Cloete, Neonatologist, Newborn Services

Intermittent hypoxaemia in late preterm babies: Dr Jane Alsweiler, Neonatal Paediatrician, Newborn Services


Session 4: Quality Improvement

What do women think about family violence screening in our hospital?: Kathy Lowe, Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Trainer/Coordinator

Advances in management of SGA: how can we do better?: Professor Lesley McCowan, Department of O&G 

How well are we detecting and managing SGA?: Beatle Treadwell, Midwifery Educator

Sleep on side campaign – developing consumer resources on maternal sleep position: Professor Lesley McCowan and Isis McKay, Consumer