ADHB offers a comprehensive in-house education and training programme. This is designed to support midwives in meeting the Midwifery Council  and ADHB mandatory education requirements and also contributes to promotion of local and National quality and safety fundamentals. 

The programme aims to foster and enhance midwifery philosophy, clinical skills and wisdom, as well as providing vital learning opportunities for multidisciplinary team-working.  The midwifery education team are either solely responsible for or contribute to, the implementation of the various study days and initiatives within the programme.

The educators also have a significant support and advisory role and encourage staff and access holders to contact them with any queries or requests. Midwives on the New Graduate Programme will, in addition, have individually tailored study days/workshops (not published on this website).

Our team

Sam Jones


Sam has worked clinically at ADHB since 2009, as a core staff midwife on all wards and as a Clinical Charge Midwife on Tamaki ward and then Labour and Birthing Suite. Sam joined the education team in 2017.

Lou McInnes


If you have a questions or queries about training, email the team on

Click here for more Midwifery Council recertification requirements.

Other events

NZ APEC Annual Study Day

This year's NZ APEC Annual Pre-eclampsia & Fetal Growth Restriction Study Day will be held on Friday 22nd November 2019 at the Rutherford Hotel, Nelson.

This popular study day attracts multi-disciplinary prac-titioners across the spectrum of midwifery, obstetrics, fetal medicine and neonatal and is an excellent oppor-tunity to hear of the latest research & developments in detection, diagnosis and treatment of pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction.

For more information, see the NZ APEC Study Day [PDF, 272 KB] poster or email

Women's Health training schedule

  • Baby study day Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.
    • Newborn examination skills refresher
    • How to make sense of GBS guidelines and recognise an infected baby
    • Hypoglycaemia and the newborn
    • National screening update
    • Wellchild enrolmnet - closing the gap for our highest needs babies
    • The microbiome and the newborn
    • Further topics to be announced!

    Fore details, take a look at our Baby Study Day poster.

    For more information, contact the Midwifery Education team.

    Dates: 11th May 2020, 19th October 2020

    Cost: $50 for LMCs.

  • Bereavement care in Women's Health - a guide to perinatal loss Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Content TBA. For more information, contact the Midwifery Education team.

  • Combined Emergency Skills Refresher for midwives Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    All midwives need to do this each year unless you have done the PROMPT course.

    Topics covered:

    • Maternal Collapse
    • Neonatal Resuscitation
    • Sepsis
    • Shoulder Dystocia
    • Bleeding Emergencies

    Presented by: ADHB midwifery educators

    Time: 0800-1630

    Location: Clinical Skills Centre Level 4 Building 1 Auckland City Hospital

    Cost: Free

    Dates: 17th September, 14th October, 11th November, 17th December

    Book on KIOSK (ADHB staff) or email

    CESR dates

  • COMBO Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    The COMBO study day provides 4 hours of breastfeeding education plus another 4 hours of topical education of local interest (which changes on a yearly basis). Attendance at the whole day is encouraged, however staff may attend a half-day only. The 4hrs of breastfeeding study can be used by ADHB core staff to meet Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative annual requirements. Content for 2019-2020 (Midwifery Council year) COMBO is as follows:

    Morning :

    • Breastfeeding: Hypoglycaemia – understanding the new flow chart
    • Feeding challenges – speech and language therapist
    • Microbiome – current research
    • NGT care – the Gold Standard from NICU
    • Donor milk
    • Recreational drugs and breastfeeding
    • Breastfeeding for Māori women
    • SUDI update


    • Cultural and tikanga competency in midwifery partnerships and practice, including Tūranga Kaupapa and ADHBs ‘Tikanga Best Practice Policy’. Understanding the ten principles of Tūranga Kaupapa and learning how to apply them to midwifery practice.
    • Aranga Tētēkura  - Maternal Wellbeing and Child Protection Advisory Service. Aranga Tētēkura brings together an expert inter-professional advisory forum, committed to encouraging the holistic wellbeing of women, their babies and whānau/family throughout the maternity experience.  This session provides an overview of the group’s wrap-around services including referral processes and forms, and will go through a case study.
    • Pregnancy and Parenting Programme – Pregnant women and their partners are particularly responsive to and often proactive in seeking health information, and will benefit from receiving information and education with groups of other new parents with whom they may form ongoing friendships and social networks. Learn about the Pregnancy and Parenting Programme, our community Pregnancy and Parenting partners, priority population groups, how to refer and much more!

    Presented by: Lactation Consultants and Midwifery Educators

    Time: 0800-1630

    Location: Clinical Education Centre, Level 5, Auckland City Hospital

    Dates: 11th September, 2nd October, 6th November, 4th December

    Book on Kiosk or email

  • FSEP – Fetal Survellance education programme Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    The FSEP Full program runs for 7 hours and provides a solid foundation of information for all clinicians involved in antenatal and intrapartum care. The Full program is structured to cumulatively build understanding. Participants in the Full program also complete the FSEP MCQ assessment at the end of the session. This is our core education program and is suited to most clinicians requiring education or an update in cardiotocography.

    Presented by: Izzy Eadie - NZ FSEP Educator

    Time: 0800-1530

    Location: Clinical Education Centre, Level 5 Building 32, ACH

    Cost: $45

    Dates: 17th October

    Book through Kiosk or email to reserve your place.

  • GAP – GROW charts and the Growth Assessment Protocol Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Content includes:

    Evidence and best practice

    • Fetal growth restriction and pregnancy outcome  

    • Customised charts: principles, and clinical implications

    • Risk assessment and surveillance: guidelines, algorithms

    Clinical application

    • Fundal height - standardised measurement and plotting

    • Referral protocols – indications for further investigation

    • Clinical and practical application – case studies

    • Documentation and record keeping - plotting and referral scenarios

    • Q&A

    Presented by: Midwife Educators, ADHB and Perinatal Institute

    Time: 1300-1600

    Location: Meeting room 92066, Level 9, Support Building (past WH Ultrasound)

    Cost:  Free

    Dates: 24th March, 14th July, 10th November

    Book through Kiosk or email

  • Immunisation study day Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    This course provides midwives with the most up-to-date immunisation knowledge relevant to their practice including the National Immunisation Schedule changes, vaccine composition, safety of vaccines in pregnancy, administration of vaccines and talking with parents about vaccines.

    Presented by: The Immunisation Advisory Centre

    Time: 0800-1600

    Location: Ward 96/98 Meeting Room, Level 9, Auckland City Hospital

    Cost: Free of charge

    Date: 1st November

    Book on KIOSK (ADHB staff) or email

    Click here for more information.

  • Newborn Life Support Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    The New Zealand Resuscitation Council Newborn Life Support course is for health professionals who provide newborn life support, including midwives and those working in neonatology.

    Attendees who pass the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Newborn Life Support course are issued the NZRC Certificate of Resuscitation in Newborn Life Support.

    Presented by: NLS Instructors; Jo Hegarty, Sarah Bellhouse

    Time: 0800-1630

    Location: NICU Education Room and Labour and Birthing Suite, Level 9, Building 32, ACH

    Cost: $50 for ADHB staff and access holders. $100 for others

    Dates: 18th September, 30th October, 9th December

    Book on Kiosk (AHDB staff) or email

  • Pre-eclampsia update for midwives 1/2 day refresher Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    1/2 day update for midwives practising in the community and hospital settings to enhance clinical practice.

    Date: 26th November 2019

    Time: 0800-1230

    Location: Clincial Education Centre, Auckland Hospital

    Cost: $25 for LMCs

    For more information, see the study day poster or email

  • Preventing Perineal harm and Supporting Physiological Birth Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.
    Supporting Physiological Labour and Birth 0800-1200
    •How do we discuss labour and birth and options for analgesia?
    •What can we do to reduce interventions?
    •What psychosocial and practical tools and skills do we utilise to help women cope? What is the evidence?
    •Empowering women to birth physiologically
    Preventing Severe Perineal Harm 1230-1630
    This exciting interactive workshop will provide midwives with an opportunity to explore, assess and improve their knowledge and practice around perineal trauma prevention
    •Latest evidence and update on ADHB initiatives and resources
    •Discuss and share midwifery knowledge
    •Hands on skills
    Where: Clinical Skills Centre, Level 4, ACh
    When: 24th October 2019
    Time: 0800-1200 Supporting Physiological Labour and Birth
    1230-1630 Preventing Severe Perineal Harm
    Cost: Free to ADHB Core staff, $30 for one session or $50 for both for LMCs.
  • PROMPT - Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training is an evidence based multi-professional simulation training workshop for obstetric emergencies. It is associated with direct improvements in perinatal outcome and has been proven to improve knowledge, clinical skills and team working.

    Presented byThe ADHB PROMPT Faculty

    Time: 0800-1630

    Location: Clinical Education Centre, Level 5, Building 32, ACH

    Dates: 13th September, 22nd November

    Book on KIOSK (ADHB staff) or email

  • Tūranga Kaupapa Cultural Competency Training Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Tūranga Kaupapa are a reference and source of support for midwives, wahine and whanau and were developed by Nga Maia in 2006 to enhance Nga Maia kaupapa and to provide cultural guidelines. Turanga Kaupapa are guidelines for cultural competence developed by Nga Maia o Aotearoa and formally adopted by both the Midwifery Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand College of Midwives.

    Presented by: Megan Tahere

    Time: 0800-1630

    Location: Te Whetu Tawera, Te Rama Ora, Building 35, ACH

    Cost:  ADHB Employees free, non-ADHB employees $150

    Dates: 19th November

    Email Megan on to book.