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Hei kōwhiri i tētahi wāhi whakawhānau | Choosing where to give birth

If you live within the Auckland DHB area, you have three main options for where to give birth:

  1. Home
  2. Birthcare 
  3. Auckland City Hospital, Labour & Birthing suite

You can learn more about these options in the section below. If you have further questions, you can discuss these with your lead maternity carer or contact our Walk-In Centre for advice.

Where can I give birth?


Homebirths are a safe option for healthy women who have an uncomplicated pregnancy. 

Childbirth is often portrayed as a high-risk event. In reality, many complications are predictable. There are a few cases where a woman may need to be transferred to hospital before birth. This may happen when labour progresses too slowly, or there is a need for medical pain relief or other specialised care.

It is important to consider the health of both you and your unborn baby, and the distance to a hospital where you can receive timely care.

If you choose to give birth at home, please ensure you find an LMC who specialises in home births.

  • Homebirth appeals to women who want to be in familiar surroundings. 
  • Many women find it a calmer, more peaceful experience.
  • Women may feel more empowered to make decisions about their labour and birth.
  • Dads report feeling more involved in the birth.
  • There is also a lower chance of acquiring an infection at home.

Birthcare is Auckland District Health Board's primary birthing unit for birthing and postnatal care. Birthcare is suitable for women who want a natural birth and is designed for those with no complications during pregnancy.

  • Birthcare provides family-centred care.
  • Birthcare encourages reliance on your own physiology rather than on medical interventions.
  • The likelihood of needing interventions such as ventouse, forceps or a caesarean section is reduced.
  • Mothers who have birthed in a primary birthing unit are more successful with breastfeeding.
Auckland City Hospital, Labour & Birthing Suite

Our Labour & Birthing suite is one of the largest maternity units in New Zealand, providing both midwifery-led and specialist obstetric care. 

  • We offer a multidisciplinary team to care for women during the birth of their baby, should they need this level of care.
  • We have specialists available to care for women with complex needs.  These include women with high blood pressure, diabetes, multiple babies or who are birthing very early or late in the pregnancy.
  • We have pain relief and surgical facilities if they are required in emergency situations.
  • We can perform caesarean sections.