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Te Whakaakoranga me te Tautoko | Education and support

Calmbirth classes

We are offering 12 hour face to face weekend classes, and midweek Zoom classes. Places are limited!

What is Calmbirth?  Calmbirth connects the psychology and physiology of birth to provide a couple with effective tools to support their labour and birth experience.  See pamphlet attached.


  • You plan on birthing at Auckland City Hospital.
  • Priority will be given to women having their first baby and planning a normal birth or planning a normal birth after caesarean;  women who are particularly anxious about labour and birth;  women having a subsequent baby but their first in New Zealand.
  • Must be absolutely committed to completing the full 12 hour course (face to face and Zoom) and practising the techniques.
  • Priority will be given to women who are engaged in ADHB’s pregnancy and parenting programme.
  • Must participate fully in the post class evaluation, and agree to being contacted post birth to share their feedback on their experience (this will be a small random sample).

When to attend? Optimally around 32 to 34 weeks gestation and after an ADHB early pregnancy and/or advanced pregnancy class.

Where to register?  On the ADHB Pregnancy & Parenting website –