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Mate whawhati | Pregnancy complications and loss

We have a range of services to help women who are dealing with pregnancy complications and loss. For additional support, take a look at our information on coping with pregnancy loss.

Support at National Women's Health

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)

Our EPAU is a nurse-led outpatient service, with access to a pregnancy loss counsellor and medical support.  This service is based at Greenlane Clinical Centre and helps pregnant women referred for the management of early pregnancy complications - including miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancy.

Women are offered options of conservative (without intervention), medical or surgical management of miscarriage.

Location: Level 6, Building 4, Greenlane Clinical Centre, 214 Greenlane West, Gate 1, Epsom

Phone: (09) 307 4949 ext 27230


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic (RPL)

The recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) clinic is based at Fertility PLUS, Greenlane Clinical Centre. It is a nurse led clinic run every Tuesday and Thursday. We have doctors assigned to see new patients who are not pregnant and to scan pregnant patients weekly for support and monitoring.

In this clinic, we apply an evidence-based approach to treatment. We run tests and try to establish as quickly as possible if there is any underlying reason for a couple experiencing RPL.

Find out more about our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss clinic.

Social work & counselling services

We offer counselling and support following a pregnancy loss. We know this could be a difficult time for you and we are here to help.

You may wish to talk with someone about the emotions you are experiencing.  It can be common to feel anger, pain, despair, numbness, sadness or a sense of unreality, at this time. 

Other issues you may wish to explore could include:

  • Clarifying the legal requirements e.g. registration of birth/death
  • A funeral service or other special way to mark the life and death of your baby
  • Talking about the differences in grieving between men and women
  • Building memories of your baby
  • Strategies for coping
  • How to talk to your other children

If we are unable to see you while you are in hospital, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member to contact one of us on your behalf. You can also phone us yourself when you get home.

Phone: (09) 307 4949 extension 25967 or mobile 021 893 912