High-risk pregnancy can be the result of a medical condition present before pregnancy, or one that develops during pregnancy for either you or your baby.

Special monitoring or care throughout your pregnancy may be needed as you or your baby may be at increased risk of health problems before, during or after delivery.

At National Women's Health we have a numberous specialised teams and services available to look after women and babies with more complex needs, to helpiensure the best possible outcomes for you and your whānau.

Our services

Click on the tabs below to learn more about our specialty and high-risk services and how to access them. In most cases, you wil need to be referred by a doctor or other lead maternity carer (LMC).

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    Should you require additional attention during pregnancy due to medical conditions, past and present pregnancy complications or fetal abnormalities, we have a team of specialised midwives who can look after you. Working alongside a multidisciplinary team, they will provide information and on-going midwifery support as your pregnancy progresses.

    If you have one of the High Risk Team midwives as your LMC, you are likely to need more than the usual number of antenatal appointments, depending on your needs. You may also need to see a range of health professionals.

    Accessing our service

    To access this service, you must be referred by a doctor or other LMC. Our team will review the information we receive and either communicate with your LMC or contact you directly to arrange a clinic appointment.

    Location: Level 9, Auckland City Hospital

  • Women's Assessment Unit (WAU) Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Our Women's Assessment Unit (WAU) provides acute care for pregnant women who are experiencing pregnancy or gynaecology complications and need to be seen urgently.

  • Day Assessment Unit (DAU) Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    The Day Assessment Unit (DAU) provides outpatient care, by appointment, for women with complex pregnancies who require closer monitoring.

    As a specialisted midwifery-led service within our Women's Assessment Unit (WAU), the team works closely with the relevant obstetric team or private obstetrician.

    Accessing this service

    To access this service, you must have a referral sent by a doctor or other LMC to the community clinic at Greenlane (09 630 9781). 

    If you are health professional, you can find out more about making a referral to DAU here.

    Phone: (09) 307 4949 ext 25907

    Fax: (09) 630 9814 or ext 25908

    Hours: Monday to Friday, 7am to 3:30pm

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch.

    Our Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) cares for babies that are born prematurely or are sick at birth and require medical and nursing intervention.  

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