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Vaginal birth after caesarean clinic

If you've previously had a caesarean section, you may be thinking about how to give birth next time.


What are my options?

Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)

This is when a woman gives birth vaginally, after having had a caesarean section in the past.

Sixty percent of women who have had a previous caesarean can have a vaginal birth.

Planned/elective repeat caesarean section

This is when a woman has a planned or elective caesarean section after having had a caesarean section in the past. 

You will usually have the operation after 39 weeks of pregnancy. This is because babies born by caesarean section earlier than this are more likely to need to be admitted to the special care baby unit for help with their breathing.


How we can help

Planning for a vaginal birth after caesarean or choosing an elective repeat caesarean section have different benefits and risks.

We want positive outcomes for you and your baby. Our Positive Birth After Caesarean clinic (PBAC) aims to empower women and their whānau to make informed choices, based on their previous birth history. 

For more help when considering your birth options, take a look at our booklet [PDF, 870 KB].

During pregnancy

If you have had a previous caesarean, it is worth coming to our PBAC clinic in the first half of your pregnancy. At the session, the PBAC midwives and obstetricians take the time to review the reasons for the previous caesarean and discuss options for your current pregnancy. You will be given evidence-based information about the pros and cons of these options to make an informed plan personal to you.

Following a caesarean birth

Women on the postnatal wards recovering from caesarean birth will be offered an appointment in our PBAC Clinic to talk about their recent birth experience and consider options for future births. Appointments are usually  around four to six weeks after birth.


Accessing our service

Women can self-refer to our PBAC Clinic for a consultation if they are less than 25 weeks pregnant, or ask their LMC for a referral. Referral can also be made through our Walk-in Centre.

Phone: 0800472221 (08004PBAC1)

Location: Level 6, Greenlane Clinical Centre

Hours: Monday mornings